Wednesday, February 5, 2014

winter gray

We will have to shovel snow for sure today:)
I kind of like it now, the snow, it is a nice warm veil from the bitter cold, especially if you're in the house all warm and cosy making soup or cake or some goodies. I love that!
My favorite food though is roasted peppers, any way any how..

Here we have jalapenos New Mexico and poblano roasting on a cast iron skillet coated ever so slightly with coconut oil (og)
When you do it this way, the aromas that come from the roasting are heavenly, smokey, fruity and rustic.
these will be peeled and chopped with tomato, onion, lime juice, salt, one garlic clove and a whole bunch of cilantro..
this tasty refreshing salad is so good with just about any starch..I like all the breads, I might pair this with a semolina round loaf, if I have my preferences:)I don't much eat corn tortillas, I mean I am Greek! That was one thing I didn't  love about Costa Rica, fakin corn tortillas!!  I ate them, when you are hungry from hard work, everything tastes good. You walk a whole lot and it is hilly there.

I should make that soon, a nice round semolina loaf!
What did you think I was gluten free?
I am a cook, we eat everything..
ok, no snails, or frankly with all the toxic metals in our waters, I do not eat fish..I will taste things at know, it is all about the food, the flavor, the root, the acid from citrus, it is a beautiful thing!

My thought of the day to me..

"I rely on my abilities and would never cheat myself, I am a hard worker and I smell good and also i am honest with my self..I love my life and my day to come.

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