Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 hour hair treatment

Winter is so hard on hair. It dries out faster than you can say frizz!
Maybe it is just me, but my scalp feels itchy and tired. Like it is dry and calling me to care..just like some people! ha!

I mixed
shea butter
organic coconut oil
lavender neroli and  organic jojoba
I whipped all of them on a cold winter's day. The shea whipped very  nicely because maybe, it was the organic argan oil I drizzled in there to loosen the shea butter..I may have chilled it too far which is why it  created a lovely whip! Clearly this consistency wouldn't hold on a hot summer's day!
I put a whole lot in my hair and I massaged  my scalp I will wait 2 hours and do my thing..
which is make stuff, clean up, polish and then scheme my next move in skin care.
Last month, I used rose hip seed oil, this next month I may just go ahead and splurge on some raspberry seed oil, or more black seed oil..both very nice for hair care!

I have all sorts of resources at my fingertips..from herbals to books, to really smart people who teach me all day. And, then there is me!:)
You know, my lovely smart friends, the ladies I work with all sweet, young, hot babes..I am the oldest and witchy and I am so glad I have made such a nice place(lugar) for myself both at work and here at
Life is sweet in many ways..let's do our hair!

Here is the thing with good friends..and..I must admit I do this too..
but we say we are sorry for not having contacted them..("Hero", Rhonda Byrne))
I mean, we shouldn't apologize, we should just be happy to see each other..
next time I speak to you, it will be like, "Hey there babe, what's up? Tell it!"
"I love you, you have been my friend for ages, and, it is like we were never apart"

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