Thursday, February 6, 2014

and now some emerson

I listen to audio books when I am packing orders, I like biographies and zombies. The last book, the pope and Mussolini was very good and gave me a perspective of how stupid humans are as a whole..they wanted to be arians..and what price they all paid to have it for a moment spec of time..yea, so Emerson and next Tesla..
but my point, people are zombies..I love zombies..they eat your brains you know and then you become like them..choose wisely, i guess:)

People who stay home and watch tv  all day and say the are bi polar,
aderol people, that other drug they all take for happiness, they  remind me of zombies..
I wonder what triggers that chemical?
I know there is something that changes a person..

"I have really, really dry skin."
"ok, use this and drink a glass of water"
"Uh, no, I hate water."
"well, change your mind about that:)", I said:)(actually, I ranted about, the raisin and how there is a reason it is dry and water! I can only say so much.
"No, I wont", she said to me..


have a good day

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