Sunday, February 9, 2014

athiests and people who come over to debate god with me

"Thia (auntie), You believe in God, right?"
I started explaining what I thought and he was lost..poor boy! He wanted me to just say, "yes".
I sort of started on the spark of consciousness in the brain and all that!

Atheists (without god) are the most hated of all types of people, including serial killers..
I don't know. Fear? Fear of bad thoughts?

I look at it this way, the more you learn about the nature of existence through science and real understanding of nature, the less you "believe" lies of a virgin birth or someone coming back to life because they are more special than you and me. It is ridiculous and an outdated myth made during a time when we thought we were here in this universe, all alone..just special and so non pure..dirty even..
wow, who thought of all that crap?

It seems to me if you have god in your heart(??) you always do right, even hate becomes unknown to you, right?
When someone tells people that God doesn't exist, they freak out and want to squash that thought and the person who thinks it.
They will say it is because they are defending God..
They get emotional like you are taking their heart and ripping it out and then they will be all alone in this human existence. "God makes me happy, he is real to me, I believe in him"

Do I think God is real?
No and yes!

My reasons for no..and yes...
Man has evolved till now as he has, slowly and messily..from a bone marrow eating humanoid living in trees with hair all over and big flat feet  to using the land to grow and make stuff with, including a nice cave somewhere, fire, shoes and boots and good coats in winter..that there is brain power!
 We have  learned to use what is before us to make ourselves more comfortable as we learn more and more about ourselves..our brain and where this life actually comes from..we rely less and less on myths and hearsay from hateful jerks who make rules and the stories.

"If it weren't for Rome making the Catholic Religion, Christianity would have remained in one small little town, never to be heard from again"
Mussolini or some one in the regime of the day..

If God were real, why would he allow a bunch of soldiers kill his "only" son or his chosen people, the jews?
That is when he should be God, otherwise what is the point?
I mean really?
I saw a bumper sticker on a car the other day, "god is pro life"
He is isn't!
His son, the crusades, atiilla, alexander, the christians who burned people alive, the nazis who were catholic, the fascists in cahoots with the catholic church, those fuckers that killed my grandfather..they all said they believed in God.
What about us? Are we constantly unhappy, worried, fighting, jealous, bitter, annoying, over medicated and maybe that is just americans:)))??
God is supposed to bring goodness and joy or the concept of perfection that can never be reached due to our creation of a divine being who can punish..or requires praise all day just so you can get some relief from your misery..
again with the praise!

I am gonna praise my coworkers and my children and my momma and my own mind where even there, I have courage and poise..poise.

 Surely because I ponder such ideas, I must be divine! I must be something more than a life form soaking up the Sun's rays to make nutrients to keep me alive, ok, that there is amazing, yo! So, yes, I reach to ponder that a divine source does exist and always has..

That trees and flowers and grasses have all the components for us a  higher life form, to  thrive by.
the bone marrow with it's life juice have transformed all that with water and iron in my blood.
That is really amazing, really something to praise..

being resentful about one idea or the other is no way to live.."just let it go", I said in the end.
Be a good person and try to be happy, do good work and rest when you need to..
calm down
let yourself think before you act out
do art
do not compete with me or others
just do what you do and be happy about it
nobody needs to know how awesome you are
and certainly, nobody wants to hear you complaining all day and hating this and hating nice..
and when you separate yourself from all that, you end up on top having accomplished greatness simply by doing good work, being calm and having poise.
That there is God to yes, I believe in God..I guess...:)))

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