Monday, February 3, 2014

Mercury Chiron Conjunct

I feel it for two days now! I cannot sleep because my brain is in a very strange consciousness point..I toss and turn and think some more..
I am a Libra with Mars in Gemini, thinking is what we do.
But Chiron and Mercury conjunct in Pisces  during a pre  Mercury retrograde..may be a wee bit of a  catalyst and / or disruptive little ghoul, which you will take care of like that guy in walking dead does..:)
(February 9th, Walking Dead)
Just because these "mental" planets  are in emotional Pisces, this doesn't mean it is all lovie and cute..although there is a bit of garishness as some pisces folk get to.. get away with..
they are so interesting..

For Virgo, this is an awesome  time to finally be who you are. Hiding behind a veil of dogma and rules on how to get to heaven is no way to live your life..
Veils get worn out and ripped open or you gently slide them to the side and, now look.
(not all most will have suffered and now changed in to either zombie brain eaters or artistas)
if you are reading this virgo, I am leaning towards the artista side for you:)

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