Saturday, February 8, 2014

the two for ten's

They are great for two reasons,
Traffic for me and actually getting something amazing for yourself for very little money.
You know it and I know it, good skin care costs money..the oils, the scrubs, the charcoal and whatnot..a girl has needs!
When you run out of lotion , what? I can't even think about it!:0)

So we had that chamomile lavender is nice, for the kids, after dishes and maybe even before bed.
I will use vetiver and geranium till it is gone..I did put patchouli in there, just a drop as to soothe the geranium a little more.
It is one of those balms that just feels right anytime, yes?
I am already getting notes from the gals who bought the special deal and they tell me, "thank you"
I love that:)

I will do another two for ten soon as I still have a few more of the white lidded jars..they are not that bad, really..

What do you think about the dark one among the others?

Can you tell by the oils which is cham and which is vetiver based?
The two red ones are, green propolis and astaxanthin..yes!!

Coming up at,  eleneetha's
Brzillian Green Propolis balm with astaxanthin and heavy on the frankincense for those of us who need that on our knees or lower back for pain, boswellic acid and all that..

Brazillian Green Propolis Face Scrub with astaxanthin and super fine ground grape seeds and red raspberry seeds, both organic and all ground superfine. I like this scrub very much and it has been a year since we used grape seeds on our faces, this year, I have a vita mix..dude!! I am so happy with it. What an amazing tool!

The Scrub
ground organic green grape seeds, ground organic red raspberry seeds, ground organic mung beans, manuka honey, organic black seed oil (black cumin), Brazillian green propolis, red algea extract and our new exclusive vetiver patchouli geranium blend...not too much..
This is a fabulous facial for all of us. I hope that you get a little:)

The Balm..
not as complex as  it's rose hip seed oil cousin on my menu,  but still something very nice.
local bees wax, brazillian green propolis, one drop is that strong and I certainly wouldn't want to stain your pink tender skin!
The scent is vetiver/vanilla because, it is a nice finish to this lovely facial. You can use any balm you have handy,  if you make your own scrub with your own ingredients, but why would you when you can get this all from me, Anastasia:)

What do you think? To me this is something nice because I love you and me!
ok? Ok!
venus direct, mercury retrograde..folding, driving, is what needs done..and you always smelling nice..


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