Sunday, February 9, 2014

beautiful dreamer super seed scrub

I have waited and waited to turn you on
so that you can feed each skin cell whose energy is open to receiving
fervently waiting for the best things

and here we have them..
Organic grape seeds are a very hard seed to work with and adding the red raspberry seeds this this scrub made it a two day grind( if you know what i mean)
The vita mix, actually gave out for five minutes so I gave up.
I knew i didn't want to add too much clay to this only a little of that but more mung bean powder which I ground each thing on its own until I added the seeds..

The extra day proved to be perfection.
here we have the scrub simply mixed with the rosehip seed jelly with the Brazilian green water..simply mix equal parts and apply on a wet hot face..
You will love it and your skin glistens afterwards..
mind you that rose hip seed oil has an odor and you might want to wash it off and apply something else later after you rinse everything...the idea with these heavier oils is to use them as a we know, that rose hiop seed oil is healing in every way for skin repair!
Pomegranate too, it smells I always wash it off with soap after a treatment..remember that after about three minutes, an oil does what it does and it is done..your cells close back up after three or four minutes.
The stinkier the oil, the more it does, look at tamanu! oye, no!
too much rawwrr...

Give me jojoba or a light marula anytime..mmm, marula oil...I love that one..we should have that with just neroli in it!

beautiful dreamer scrubin for me

Anastasia's Super Seed Extra Fine Facial
organic red raspberry seeds
organic red grape seeds
organic chardonay grape seeds
organic black raspberry seeds
organic black seed oil
manuka honey 16+
mung beans
french green clay
organic vetiver
a few drops geranium and patchouli
brazillian green propolis
astaxanthin from red algea
tupelo honey

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