Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the wierd russian thing and the lentil fiasco :)

 I do not know the correct number of items I should have on the menu at eleneetha's,  but when I do, I will make it really feng shui..meanwhile I will try..

I make really nice soaps, yea? I'll use really good oils and heavily which is why I run out of material:) Why do I, myself think so? Because I am unwilling to compromise when it comes to best ingredients! Based on that compulsion, I will attract the same kind of person, who studies ingredients as I do. We are not alone..
Also, I compete with no one. Not in this business or any other endeavor. I love helping people and when they are just as wonderful, there is vibrant fire and glow around me and I am a rock is a Libra thing, I  think.
Are there better soap makers out there, better butter makers? :)
Yes, of course!
 I don't know how MyChelle does it to get their night cream so light and smooth at the same time.  In the end, I find most over the counter creams to be either too waxy or too fragrant with some fake crap they put in there..and potassium sorbate? It feels like a clogging mask of chemical to me every single time, where something light like a beeswax jelly, never does!
I like shea butter for one reason though..even though it is oily too and needs to be stretched with other carriers and hard to work with..I like it because it is doesn't need any holding holds we all should::)xo

I made a "blend" for perfume using some techniques I have been studying the other day and every one loved it..It had many things..I wanted a citrus leather sandalwood thing I made the cream with it..I worried it wouldn't be good..I sold them all and worried my ladies wouldn't love the blend.
Then later, one day, I opened the base perfume I had blended and it blew me away!
I was once again amazed at the power of essential oils and how magnificent each oil is!
Sometimes I do not trust myself and I worry about outcomes. Essential oil blends do not come out the same way when mixed into different mediums..and each thousand times one might encounter a blend that doesn't agree..hopefully no..not even one out of a thousand..

friendly universe bath oil

The same one went into the cream I made and they are completely different in scent. In the cream, jasmine, rose cry out, in the oil, all the things I was wantin', the bergamot first and then the dry off leaving hints of leather and richness in musky musical notes riding on micro particles of flower juice.
The carriers have a whole lot to do with the outcome of a scent in skin care, even simple jojoba or coconut oil can effect a finish on one's skin.
I like coconut oil in soap. I like the cold pressed organic vendor ran out and that is  something holding me back a little..good thing I made enough soap to get through this short period with grace.
I mean I really should, just get a drum of og coconut oil (55 gallons) and stop driving everywhere to buy it.

All in all it is a step in the right direction and with Mercury wobbling backwards at the  moment, it is a time of prep.. and then foreword on with   Mars Libra going retrograde..many endings too.
Say good bye and remember the good you gave and thank yourself for always being stellar... and now for all the "hello's"..
The new "hello's"!

There are high thinking minds at your door
respectin' you all day
and in the evening they tuck away good thoughts of you to save for a rainy cold day
to give you their heart
without expectations
and submit to your love
every word and every deed done with out guile
and done without sacrifice but with charm and good delighted intentions..
I love you

**I threw away some lentils and they leaked all over the floor and I had to clean everything with soapy water on my knees, making sure to get all the new spill mixed with old hidden ones..

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