Sunday, February 16, 2014

kron gracie

The little dragon!
I almost wanted to get on the mat and roll around,:)

In my mind, I recalled how fun it was, my life in martial arts and now this boy at work and his girl take gracie ju jitsu and he shares some  of his excitement and I remember I knew some moves and how I loved it..I always lost but, I didn't care. Everyone wanted to fight me, because I gained energy and wore them out loosing..:)
The other day a boy at work came at me just for fun and just out of side kick , at the right moent, (in the air~not actual hitting))that boy is fun to work with..he does what I tell him before I tell him..that there is true martial art.
Life is good, even if you are tired.

I am not tired. My body aches because it is snowing (water in the air makes me feel heavy)but I move and I think and I speak calmly, I is great, busy and never, I will completely smile at everyone and be polite as usual:)

Allow me to tell you of my little worry at them moment..
when I say my techniques in skin care, it doesn't mean I am taking credit for anything..everything I have learned is from watching and practicing and listening and trying examples from masters.
My scrubs, which have come a long way are not mine beautiful Tonie makes a scrub that is  perfect foam and paste at the  same time..
eavnhealy puts fenugreek in her scrub..
I am currently using seeds of berries and grapes steeped in black seed oil and manuka honey, frozen and then pulverized in the vita mix..btw, my vita mix is only used for skin care and an occasional fruit fact, you could eat this scrub if there weren't vetiver in it!
Would I call myself a skin care artisan? Yes!
Who else makes a butter that is such a pleasure to use?
Someone, I am sure:()) hahahaa
and that is why we love oils, we show it by our food and our skin is the same..

I love you and hold you in my heart

we should do some astrology soon:)

Art in progress by Sarah Crabtree
It is so cool! I wonder what it'll show us in the end?
I have named this one..
"I hold you dearly in my heart"

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