Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the oud study

I saved a little of the mix back so I could make a perfume oil for us for the new year. We will see about it. Oud is a funny thing. I feel like oud craves rose and jasmine and goes best with a little more spice like cinnamon so it can utilize its fiery potential. I feel like oud is about bringing our thoughts towards the center. Relying on our wisdom and opening our minds to the furure of us.

Some people can't handle oud. I am talking too much about it too but these last few weeks with him have been just what I needed. I forget how awesome I am sometimes. Do you? Forget? How awesome you are?

Should I call these notes, The Oud Study and the Iaw Of Attraction!

I was just reading in some science journal about a certain solar system that is not that far from us having evolved over perhaps 11 billion years, our solar system is about 5.7 billion years old. There may be evolved life there and yet, I do not see them coming here to earth..
Maybe it is really hard for all life to evolve past their gods and they all kill each other before they can get anywhere out of there..or..their brains keep evolving and they are smart enough to work things out. Perhaps...
They have evolved enough to take care of their own rock in space so that all their resources are renewable and everyone is living well..maybe we are not meant to travel between each other's planets. Our robots will, I suppose,  but I do not see us doing that any time soon. I mean who wants to leave like, forever without their kin? It is like they died, gone they are.

Oud is about the past in so many ways back that it takes you to the future.

Don't ask me about the future, I am working on now. Oud, so freeking ancient, citrus, tang, moss, dirt..minerals, spiky and mellow at the same time.
What does one do..wear it alone?
you must secretly add this and that and then wait and then add more this and that..roll the heavenly scent through your nostrils and wait some more..

Royal Oud
coming soon:)

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