Thursday, March 31, 2016

There it is the beauty of now..KENAZ Rune Of Knowledge

I haven't made new time lord as I said I would on Tuesday. I waited because I wanted to make him with the incense cedar I had been waiting on. mmmmmm
It came, the oil of incense cedar came. I am excited because like all of them it is strong and then dang..
I also had a few drops of Omani frankincense that is exquisite so I put a drop each on my left wand,(arm)
Now please let me continue only to show my ignorance of everything and flashes of profound understanding, and also if I may say, bringing more focus to my lumbar and how I carry my body..core? I think, a little bit the priestess and regeneration through churning of pregnant type cells..the second tier..What is the first? All I know its that it holds the one I am on right now, so we are connected..
Tiers, chakras, whatever you want to call our evolution of understanding of us, it is all linked by our own thoughts..except the aging part, we are going to die, that is certain. Might as well perish doing extraordinary works!
My two tree oils..they bring me such joy!
Trees are really something, aren't they? They came before us so that we could sustain our lives through fire and habitat because they came before us. They are here for us now and the really old ones, we have to go find and on foot, in mountains,  because there are so many humans that they have become far away and rare.
I am not putting the omani frankincense in soap..oh, I would.but no one can really afford a 200 dollars bar of soap, lol
I will use the Somalian I have here. It is also beautiful. They are both beautiful.

For me, this means open mind and open heart. Also it represents a torch in Norse myth. You need good fragrant wood for a perfect do. :) To have a torch means you are committed to a serious task and obviously a torch for someone means hot lovin..yea..:)
Here is an example of confidence. Sexuality and knowledge. I would forecast another thought here, that one must not always open up to every dirty deed. Obviously, that is where the knowledge part comes in.

The Time Lord will be made tomorrow. , maybe today if I can go to the market. I will use this glorious incense cedar leaf with frankincense and we will see, won't we? I can hardly wait!

You know what I am wearing today..
frankincense and incense cedar 

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