Saturday, June 25, 2016

life is about unexpected things

and you should speak your mind
yea even if it may hurt a delicate feeling
maybe two
it is okay
say it
move on from it
eat something
have a water
you don't have to defend every thought or belief
you don't have to defend the piety of who or what you are
all you have to do is breathe and say what is on your mind
hopefully it is not hate stuff
and maybe I am sorry in there now and again..

I yell, sheepishly :)))
I have boys and I fuking yell!
What you were expecting me to always composed and well behaved? I try, I try...

One of them broke my window because he took some tree branches I had cut to the road the wrong way through my patio..okay I forgave that..because I hadn't seen the broken window yet and then I saw it..smallish grr
Then as I was driving out I saw that he had just thrown them there where the mail man won't even drive.. smallish  grrr

I texted them and I said to bring the trees back until so we can bundle them otherwise they wont take them so messy. "oye" with the tree branches, I am burning them!
The window broken and now all the tree branches in front of my back porch..rawwrrrr oh, and some ones's cat is missing so they printed flyers from my printer with a full picture of the cat on them!
 I am sure all the ink is gone! Seriously?? LOL
We will get more ink. We must I suppose, :)

What do you want from me, a saint? Some docile little soft spoken monk woman? Only when I close my eyes to see me, am I docile! Rawwwerrrrrr
yes, of course I made them come out there and move them right..I mean, they were kind of big. I cut those things because they were blocking a a beautiful rose of sharron tree under them..bye bye!

You should have seen me when I was a young fighter Xena, I la la and ha ha ha
I was,  right? Like Xena?


  1. Yep that sounds just like what a boy would do. Do they ever focus?

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  3. Yup you know there not dumb just distracted

  4. Yup you know there not dumb just distracted