Sunday, June 19, 2016

ylang ylang absolute

Not even a drop!
A swipe from a sample vial. I radiate with intense floral like never before. Ylang ylang like when it is moist and hot at Hotel Tilawa in Costa Rica and you are done for the day, having a cool drink and talking about nothing much.. and the ylang ylang trees which are not much to look at during the day, at night confess to you their real meaning and purpose. To make you feel loved, hot, warm, yummy and radiant with goodness and contentment. That's best in life not some fake crap they call some dumb french name with aldehides.
Oh, I broke my magic spell on the

I am making two new oils as a special and we will see what we can do to make you so happy that you just burst with laughter or even is all good to me. I love you and want to insinuate this in every thing that I touch.

Bergamot with aged Patchouli and a drop smokey choya loban. Like a double brew of Earl Gray..high quality and aged just enough to make it amazing. I love a tea in summer!

Ylang Ylang absolute with a drop bryonia, patchouli and vanilla..yumm yumm
sweet warm dreamy decadent and simple...


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