Tuesday, June 7, 2016

mars retrograde well shit! ha ha ha in scorpio too..oh my!

In Scorpio? Well, wow!

Look, and understand..astrology is fun and I do not actually think a real entity on mars rules over me. So, then, why, when there is any retrograde I feel it first and then go look and find out if mars is retrograde? Then I find out , it is retrograde! Now I know why I am so tired and want stuff at the same time! It is magnets, yo!
Well, it is, and in the Scorpio sector. Look all I am saying is that if you have angst and things to work through right now, you have a little more work to do.
This means that you might have to fix things that have been brewing for two years (a mars cycle)and know that they are to be worked on. You cannot keep hidden your duties for too long. They add up.
This also astrologically means watch out for lies, thievery and hidden longings being blurted out.
I also think you should take extra iron if your periods are making you too weak. rest for gosh sake.
Your plans are not most important to time. Calm down and rest and then get it done the next day. But get it done. You must face the truth about people and thangs.
That said, the only thing you can do is do your best and focus on what is real and how you can get it with the idea that it wants to come to you and do for you and feel you inside and out.
It can happen when there is real honesty within and one's obligation to offer freedom to others without judgement and without holding grudges! Get over yourself!
If ten people say you are doing wrong, you are likely to be doing wrong..admit it, move on and do not blame others for exposing what everyone already knew! You will not "get back" at anyone for real except yourself anyhow. Then it all starts again with secrets hate glowing in your eyes. You cannot hide that.
Everyone loves to have a scapegoat!

 Fuk that!
That there  is Scorpio  Mars retrograde stuff!
And if you can, you must say exactly what it is and face it and deal, baby!
There are money matters.
Let us make money honestly though. Once you start lying to sell a product you have cheated yourself and others.
Like selling dried red berries from Brazil is gonna make a real difference in Brazil or for you. Spinach powder in your smoothie? What, do you use a spoon for this concoction? eeeweee!

Mars retrograde in Scorpio

cut away
clean out
"you can go back but you can never go back all the way..stay, so you do not have to go back.."


I am working on some stuff and I will share as I go. My girl Tonie placed an order so I gots ta make it good for her!

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