Thursday, June 9, 2016

summer blooms mars has pulled back and yet inevitably we are still on our way to tomorrow

To say that one's reality is more this and more that and less of your stuff and thangs is ponder on.

When you already know deep inside about the way it is and what you think you are in the is all about what you make of things in your own head. Be selfish in a way that monitors your own intentions in all matters.

work hard
be ready
be heady
be wise
be kind with a fit behind :)

be gloriously richly attuned to your creative forces

be accepting of other's greatness because of course if they know you they are worthy
is is that you must proceed to push for all the best things and be aware and ready for greed and jealousy..the enemies of happiness!
you must not dwell in too many forces beyond your own strength and choices
you must face that you are amazing and each day you live will be so much the more of that amazingness
you are fit and pretty

you smell so good to me right now..

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