Friday, June 3, 2016

out of the garden to say, "hello"

I have been working in the garden and have had to already harvest comfrey and nettles which I fed right back in the soil. Comfrey is one of the best fertilizers there is what with all the silicon and calcium it adds right in to the dirt for next year.
It is all about next year isn't it? Making room for something better sometimes means sacrificing what is already good and delicious. It just is!
Just as in what ever our universe is expanding in to, we are also expanding in to our universe here in our own small reality.
**note to self**
We have fears and anxiety and expectations and broken hearts ion our smallish village minds.
What is correct, not to be afraid? will be, as yoda showed us! Don't get so shocked by sex and how the young ones are so fluid is sex not the right or wrong way. Be alright with the ones you love because you might not see them tomorrow. Fear comes from pain and separation from love and the ones we love and not having power to blog with:)))

I have been busy making soap for the spa that buys from me(The Well) and making new soaps for us to enjoy as well.
Be "well "and happy. We are safe even if our water costs a fortune!
Flint? They are fuked..sorry, it sucks, they just wreaked all these human's immune systems and said they are sorry!
"what you are afraid of a little lead, why a whole Roman Empire was built on lead"
Drugged slaves and drunk lazy fuk rulers who used and abused their jurisdictions. Interesting as they say they work for the people yet even in Detroit they are so broke and cannot seem to run their budget so they turn off the water of the poorest humans to get the books in order and still they are broke! Humn...nan nanannaaaa

Did they do the right thing in Cincinnati, with the gorilla?
Should we all now go and hold signs to shoot the mom? "She is a bad mom, she is this and she is that.."
Look, he is four, old enough to mind and know better, but he was petulant that one time too many!
She surely could have handled it better. We get overwhelmed as mommas on some days.
Zoos are evil anyhow,yo. Make reserves for the majestic creatures who are our cousins instead of locking in them up in captivity. Look at dolphins and how they suffer in captivity at the sea world!
The fuks.
There was a crowd when the boy got in. No one stopped him because they are all in to their own thing and no one dares to touch another's child in fear of some stupid fight with the mom, who was too far away to get to him in time.
No, we cannot shoot her!
They did the right thing. If the kid were killed, there would have been "kill the zookeeper".
 Very sad and killing the mom would not be the right thing. I bet those same people are christians and religious and go to church and pray for god to love them more...
I love you more and will tell you in person..

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