Friday, June 17, 2016

hello form summertime

School is finally over and now we can fix up some long standing issues in our home life here at Crabtree Manor.
We have laundry and folding to complete for like freeking months now. It has not been months but I always exaggerate when there chores standing and piling up like a mountain because of finals and plans and grad parties!!
I have been busy too. The garden is coming along just fine and maybe we will have a nice tomato crop as is my goal this year. I do enjoy all the veggies though. Yesterday, I pulled all the sweet peas as they have had their run and it is getting too hot for them to thrive. I put them in the compost after I took all the eatable fruit. Delicious! I am trying to make better dirt because my back lot is mostly sandy soil. Michigan is really sandy!
I am still figuring out what to do about the trellis situation as I did not realize 100 tomatoes would need to be trellised otherwise they just rot on the ground.
In any event, all is well here. It is making for a bright sunny day after a day or rain storms and the birds are singing..I hope you are too!

I just read a story about the asteroid like a wee's constant companion

We are realizing so much new stuff about us that I am blown away..this is why we cannot rely on just one theme about anything. If this is a wee moon, then in astrology, everything we gave to represent the moon must now be reviewed. That is why I question all things mystical..there is always an explanation that is not metaphysical but it sort of is when you look at it all from an outside vantage point.It cannot be ruled by an entity like a person. It is gravity and gravity is magnets :)
Our earth keeps it in line and maybe it is still developing and in time will attract more and more dust and become bigger or not..I do know, our moon is traveling outwardly at about 1 inch a year..
All of these things and yet, right now, today, it is sunny, we have food and shelter and we should all enjoy that goodness.

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