Sunday, June 26, 2016

good morning almost rainy day

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you that I am thinking of you and myself at the same time because we are together traveling through time and space. We are so joined in this trip and forget that we have so much space that it cannot be defined  as long as we look at this little space we are in right now. Sometimes when you get to see where we really are in space it can be super surprising! Like wow!!
I want to say to you that you are my gift and I treasure each moment that we share in conversation or some delicate little reunion about an oil combination :)
you get me and you accept me
I accept you the same and you show me things
 we do it naturally
easily and in harmony with the winds and rains and smoke filled air

You need that from me too, I know this. It is never overwhelming. You accept the separation of time between us and when we speak, it only brings joy and gladness in to my heart. I have had you this way for years and years and you me.
I love that we can be this real with each other and connect on such an aromatic wave of true earthly pleasure..

Two new blends which I am about to attempt are as follow;

***rare and exceptional sandalwood  with rose and vanilla bourbon co2 organic..expensive and worth every delicious drop! That is for a girl I just met who knows what we love and loves oils in similar sense.

****chaparral with wild sage and juniper infused in organic jojoba and then made in to a loose jelly which you can mix with salt or simply rub on before a hot hot bath.

This is chaparral from the high desert of California..I was gifted by a strange loveliness of nature!

There was a third thing..there was..
I forgot what I dreamed I wanted!

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