Tuesday, June 28, 2016

perfume and what it means to me

It does not mean some oue de carmel de jasmine de fakin urverladdadaaaa
Tell me what it is and why..but do not make up names I cannot or ever will be able to emulate.
Think about it! Then again..:) "eleneetha" ha ha ha,
unless you are Greek, it makes no sense..the product does, it does..
Do you really want to be like Coco? I mean she got that name because of her party lifestyle, yo!
I like mystical things too. But that does not mean I think I have powers to conjure up gold in the form of gold and less suffering. I wish this for all! Gold and less suffering!
More real oils!
Less lawn spray!
The point is, life is real and poignant as well as glorious and clean..and then I go to the perfume sites and get to read all the marketing schemes and words that seduce with a feeling of exclusivity and "we're perfumes" and you are not sort of a thing..
I am not insulted by any means. I still go every day to see what they all have up their fake sleeves.
Sometimes I will run in to a real perfumer who actually puts in the real work and they tear them apart or ignore them..the readers, the bloggers, the elite who think they are special because they wrote a perfume book so beautifully and then maybe you attempt  talk to them and they are like haughty or something, even in the reply's they may grace you with.
I laugh..
The real perfume is the real perfume and no fancy name or isolate can make me happier than a real smell of a peach..that said, I would still smell the isolate..:())

I got a sample of a chypre concentrate and I was shocked at how bad it was. Why would anyone put ylang ylang in a chypre? For the floral notes I guess..yuk. No! Rose, maybe a bit of jasmine like one drop, ylang ylang, no.
A bad jasmine can ruin anyone's day tho..

I am looking at labels and how I want to change in the next year or so. I would like to make labeling a little more efficient and yet still have the leverage to change a little with the product's looks.
They say  I am not sophisticated looking enough with the sun logo thing and I definitely  have outgrown the grapevine and which must transform in to something a little more elegant..I have ideas..:_))

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