Sunday, June 12, 2016

my house is a mess and I want a vacation

I will have on in about a month. A vacation.  When the digging and weeding and digging some more will slow down...unless I take on the big project outside in the front. I have a half acre and most of my lot of land is in the front. I want to rip out all the fuking shrubbery and put something more manageable so that when I am old I do not have to trim hedges. They are bug magnets. I am ripping them suckers right out..fuking fuks shrubbery with vines hiding until it is super hard to pull them out!
I will like to put more useful trees in the front. I have two little linden trees and two apricot trees and I am thinking more fruit. Cherry blossom alone will make you swoon on a bright morning, they will, even if they do not make fruit.
People try to grow magnolia here but it is not really practical. They like further down south to be happy. I would like maybe a string of birch on the wilder side of this place.  Now there is a smart idea. Birch is a wonderful tree! I have been super busy outside. It is like you have to get out there because the growth will take over and your work piles up.
This is why the wealthy have gardeners and working people to do the dirty work..I must be dirty then!

 Because the "back breaking" work can be done by lesser folk....are we still lesser though? Not as much, I hope!
I am still on that book "The Peoples History Of The United States".
I am on the part of the 1800's when by 1860's, slavery was so called "abolished" and they made sweat shops everywhere for the working class while Rockefeller and Carnegie made their money on the sweat of  "the working class", in the streets, men killed anyone who came to get his job, be he black or Italian or was brutal for all involved, especially black men who wanted to do jobs that white men did. It freaked them out!
It was so bad when men asked for a few pennies more at a time when these companies were worth millions at that time. It is crazy. people got killed just trying to say what they wanted. police came, the government made them all go back to work, men got their sculls whacked and cracked! People starved and would gather to protest wages and it went on and on. But the groups got bigger and bigger. Many died on both sides. Many and still forces were sent to squash and dissent from the workers. "slavery' evolved into what it is today and the working class is the working class. The thing that happened with all the work and  the actual population not having enough money to buy the stuff you had them make, there was a huge surplus and then the problems happened. Like when a meat packing company packed rotten meat and sold it all!.stupid selfish fuks!
That is one way we have improved!We really have. I know, it is great!
Yes, the meat was bad when they got it, it had been on the road a long time ..they killed people with that wonderful decision. I am happy that we have advanced this far as to not eat canned meat for one thing! One time, there was a huge fire in a tall building "sweat shop" on the seventh floor and everyone died. They jumped out of windows and died anyhow on pavement! They were all women, locked in sewing rooms making linen for the world and never themselves. making 26 cents a day....
How many people lost their lives so we can have the freedom to this degree to say anything that is on our mind?  The internet has made that happen and it will not stop until the apocalypse many hope for so they can be saved by God because good thing they are on his side...:)
oops, I ranted too far..

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