Saturday, June 4, 2016

lets make new words let's not use old words that do not serve us notes to me

blasphemy (made so the high priests could torture people and take their lands and money)
faith (you had better have it or else)
(hope)) I question hope)
the poor (there will be poor always)
Slaves (be good to your slaves)
the rich (1% =90% of wealth)
the slums (too many)
the cast system, where you follow a divine leader in order to be safe in your tribe stuff!
Thou shall not kill, unless it is the enemy babies on Passover..

We do not need blasphemy for sure because if that were true, the priests having sex with young boys would not have reined for so long..yea they'll keep blowing secret stacks of smoke to indicate who their new leader is but say a questionable remark about their religion and the freak out. "Blasphemy!!"
They know they are lying too. They have no clue about the beyond. The beyond..what ever! Some people are so worried about death that they should  have a perfect setting for themselves sitting right near Jesus in forever land, that they forget to work and cherish on Now, Today and Their Love Garden.

Love Gardens are where your whole circle and your whole tribe around you is happy, healthy and free to say whatever the fuk they fukin want to.
One time :) my boy Steve called me an idiot, he was 16. I went after him with an over ripe pear and hurled it at him because he was too fast, ha ha ha ha, and it smashed on his chest. He was so shocked. We laughed our asses off. He was so mad..ha ha ha ha
We all did Martial Arts and  he could take me by then! I love them, my kids!

By the way, no body knows for sure maybe they just like being in a club and feeling good on themselves! Nice. What if they all decide that Jesus said to play with snakes to prove how powerful you are? He didn't and his myth of a figure never would.They starve those snakes so they are weak BTW..sigh, many snake handlers in churches have died ..let us say there is a high percentage.

There is a part in the bible where when Jesus died , graves of dead  yo, the walking dead...
There were no living dead then as much as they know there are not living dead now.
I guess you might count the thousands of cunts (in the brutish sense) and dicks (in the kill bill sense)who sleepily haze though their day in a meaningless trip to nowhere..
I see it all day and believe me I stay detached from them as much as I can. I like smart easy to talk to people not some always offended tribe of pretend there is a heaven and a devil because
"I will get mad and cry and call you hateful, I will!"
"I am not hateful.And, you started the conversation. have you even read the bible you so love?"
"no, I just know Jesus.."
Which part?
God was so upset he made himself in to a man so that he could fix everyone and then he made himself be tortured and killed and then he rose from the dead and floated to the sky..and he told everyone he is coming back in their did not happen, yet and he also said that if you do not "believe in me", I will send you to live with my cousin the devil who is nothing but the most agony and most pain and most melting skin and snakes on the body..yea, hell sounds really fuking bad! Thanks Jesus!
"how far did he go up? Did he go as a smoke ghost of some sort..? what do you think heaven looks like? Why is god so dramatic and why does he not just speak for himself why the killing of himself to save us? No one was saved at all. People were still tortured for many years after wards and later by the priests and church fathers..oye!

I want to know why these myths run our lives so much that we can not turn around without offending 38 thousand different faces of Jesus? I mean yea, if you know the creed, you know who's is the best one! :))The one with robed old men walking around and saying words that help nothing.
If our gods were real, we would not need hospitals! we would not take Prozac or codeine or other drugs..we want to feel him..all that there is in there in my three pound brain,  is me in there in my brain in my sphere swirling and churning and sparking and using 25% of all the energy it takes to live in this head.

Blood is real and your ancient cells are real.
Mitochondria (a type of bacteria) is real and eats nutrients, uses them so you can read this!

We need new words!

Us All of Us
Ask again and again until you can measure and not be judged and have some panel decide which bathroom you can go to or if girls can wear pants!
We were not allowed to wear pants in school in the 70's and now we're like,
 "hey, you are bad because you cover your women!!"

"Fuk off, I wear what I want!" "who are you again?"

Be kind always so that the last memory impression of you lasts a few minutes more..
Have a good day and allow me a rant in my mind now and again so that I can remember what is most true for me:)

Time to make a Love Garden Soap
hot hot summer love

organic orange
ylang ylang

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