Tuesday, June 14, 2016

you'll be wise

I know it looks bad for many right now. I know that many have died. There was a time I would also attribute death and suffering to karma which is an explanation I accepted easily and my life went on. Cause and effect ideas in areas of my life which I would say, "oh, I should have done it another way" Or "wow, that was mean, sheesh, anastasia!"

I accepted many things in my past years. Like being married to the pilot fundamentalist who molded me in to a fearful pious fukin woman. There was good in it with the oppressive nonsense about roles in relationships about who will take out the garbage who will change the diapers and why women hate each other so much? I would cry tears in my day about the world and my own unhappiness in a role I was simply to live or die in. And then, I realized one day as I was walking at four in the morning in the jungle with the bats and the flip flops which were about to bust, I do what I want! I will do what I want and hurt no one. I will not walk this wet hill for the rest of my life with nothing to live for accept my next bowl of rice and beans..no, I won't, not so others who prey on you can hide from the world and not change their minds about who they  are and what they actually stand for.
You are going to have to choose and for your own next few years of life, the hills you are willing to climb and the ones which you do not need to climb for any reason! I think so. Each thought is like a hill, each step up, you must work through and plan the next..
In my next boo, "life is a hill, you do not have to climb.." lol

The truth is our planet is getting smarter as a whole. Slavery is not legal in any country, human burnings of which there were many by the church are abolished since we separated them from actual government. They no longer can say "burn her, she is a witch!" "take his lands and monies!"
I mean really! And now they have the audacity to claim that Islam is more evil! They are simply about 500 years behind us and yet, it is 2016, they have you tube  and they are advanced in technology enough to bomb the shit out of small groups of people having a good time in  cafes and clubs! It is sneaky and cowardly and what ever they are so mad about will also be abolished.
The smarter (books, art, science, technology) people get, the less likely they are to want violence.. The Moral Arc, by, Micheal Shermer..

I hope that we can at least now decide what we stand for and which gods will protect us from creeps who sneak around trying to kill the innocent..like, they don't also like sex!

It is sex? Is it really just that?

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