Wednesday, June 8, 2016

you are my avocado

I made balms the other day. Beautiful ideas flowing right now. Maybe these retrogrades makes us more creative. Maybe it is just simply thinking things through and doing that matters. Maybe we just we keep doing whatever and don't really care about ourselves enough to  be kind. Ha! Of course we are kind, we are smart and love music:) and oils) and ourselves :) What ever we are it is certainly a survival thing in the whole universe..everything is everything. The bigger it is the more magnets it can connect to. It is metaphysical and then not really and then it is.
I care!
I care about our avocados and our bellies and about my belly and my knees and my hair. I do.
 "I can smell you, that is how I know your're here!"

They are all so good.
You are my avocado!

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