Tuesday, June 21, 2016

open your heart to ylang ylang

I am not an ylang ylang person I will have you know. I endure it, smell it, get dumbfounded by its intense weird flower thing and then walk away.  wanting one more. It is like tuberose or too much lily of the valley, you love it and then its is too much for anyone. Real tuberose flower smells nothing like the absolute. I do not know why. You can manipulate most things on earth because we are nothing more than atoms but you cannot manipulate all the way. You know this. That must be the reason flowers exist.
I have to say, some people know how to work and tear that shit up as they say in the streets of  Detroit..I know a girl who put it with the perfect kind of roses and jasmine and vanilla and it took my breath away and left me with a memory..something I may have been pondering before I got the two whiffs of her creation..honestly!! Oils are so ridiculously freaking amazing for your heart! Rose ylang ylang with jasmine for the heart all day baby!
I love it when I get a whole new point of view and that makes me rethink things. And why shouldn't re think things? Re do and listen?
I am open to "I'm sorry"I am very very open to "thank you" :)  It always comes with presents.

It is almost July here in southern Michigan..
I want you to know I am doing well and living my life as an older woman.
Men like me well enough but since I am involved with my soap and you all's, why would I waste time playing games with strangers?  I keep asking myself, do I want to leave my paradise (crabtree manor) so I can eat in some strange restaurant?
What, am I a solitary witch?
Plus, what is best for me? You come here and so I do not have to drive. You know how I feel about driving.

Ylang ylang and yesterday...
Well the first day of summer made me cry from the piquant and bitterness of life yes, I did. The full moon, the solstice, I cried but good. I was holding it in all day too. I came home and told my daughter I had a day that was so beautiful and then painful.

"did you bitch slap that day, mom?"
"I tried but the woman whose boy got burned up bad, just blew me out of the water."

Oh it started out beautiful, I took care of some tasks in the garden and sang and stretched and ate really amazing food and just wow! The intense solar thing, right? Maybe I am too involved inside my head by I felt almost too much of earth's spinning.  It is like a snap shot of all the memories and painful stuff all at once..The heat was marvelous and stroked me like warm velvet on my skin. and yet the impending ideas that were about to unload in my brain were there, I knew it. Perhaps I made it happen in my brain without knowing I was attracting people that needed me to give them a lift. I want to help them, especially that mom,

I am glad I was able to comfort hearts and I am glad about ylang ylang and how it brings comfort  in the face of real life struggles of pain and agony in some cases or a way to find true love with in yourself by realizing what is real and what is just you wanting more of fantasies and rigid rules..sometimes, it is like that in life. Not everything is dreamy and angels and fairies. it is intense and it is what it is.
I think ylang ylang is all about intense struggles along with the rich goodness all around. You do not feel that rich goodness all around? ..change your mind and listen to what others say.
Change you mind!  It might be a point of view you had never thought of. Let go of your preconceptions and listen and change your mind..open your heart to ylang ylang!
Be the truth that your heart needs!

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