Saturday, June 18, 2016

the study with 5th graders

The teacher had an experiment where they would switch it up and make a game and review the outcomes. One day the the theme was that blue eyed kids were better than brown eyed kids.
In one short day the blue eyed kids were rough, mean and rude to all the brown eyed kids. To the point that by the end of the day, the brown eyed kids retaliated , there was one likes to be left behind, yo!

Humans! Are we learning that it is better to be kind after all? I hope this.

So yesterday, a really mean couple of women came in with the kids which were hyper and annoying to me , but, being a mom I understand, it is late, it is hot and both mom and daughter are already  mean. I watched them be mean to the kids right right off and they still would not listen but I was courteous and kind. They would rudely ask a questions and dismiss me with each answer while the kids bounced off of each other near the cough syrup.
I find it interesting how they manipulated the situation by causing discomfort and then causing a ruckus at the check out about pricing. I told the check out, " that is the price for the big bottle babe"
She paid and came back to say that there was a tag there in her mean gruff voice. I showed her less expensive oils she can choose from but she insisted that there was a tag. There was not a tag! I was not going to take it. Not now not ever.  "no, there wasn't".
 I walked away as to not engage in drivel..I would rather give her the jojoba as a sample than have her lie to me and make me look like I do not know she is lying but we both knew she was lying to get the price and because she uses the mean thing as a tool.

I feel like when people try to intimidate me, I feel like, well, no, don't. Things are what they are and the things are honest and true..and the price is the price. You want that 40 dollar nice big bottle of jojoba and you do not want to pay shipping from amazon so you come here and carry on and then  lie to get it free? I see...
Just pay for what you love and move on.
What do you need to squabble about it if you already have it?

Love it more if it is already golden to you. Love it more if you already came here for it!
Love it more because it is yours already and
you already  know your skin loves more than any other thing.
Your skin looks nice.
Love everything more! Because it is better for your brain to be nice and fair. To be content and confident
to be real and worthy
to be sexy hot with a twist of naughty and not


Do you like my story about the world of retail? I feel like it is a good way to expose the kind of race we've become, by exposing what kind of consumers we really are.
What am I? A philosopher?

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