Thursday, June 16, 2016

adding to the old spice

a drop coriander
a few drops lime
a few drops bergamot

This,  I heard  in a quiet husky voice which directed me all night long to what I want to do next with the old spice thing I am working on. Course there are no heliotrope or aldehides. I do have a few grains ambergris and a few of the last drops of the expensive musk I got from that Bruce guy. It is so rich in hormones that I feel it when wearing it. let us just say it makes you feel like a warrior goddess able to attract whatever you create first in your mind.

Mars is retrograde and I must say and please listen..tend to your inner and outer  home and clean up because it is a wee wave of pain and real be truthful and be kind
don't throw yourself
do't be jealous
there is enough for all of us

everything is connected is so big that we are no more than a blue dot in dark matter and dark energy
we are traveling through space so fast and doing it together
pale blue dot

why not grow gardens instead of lawns
why not real philosophy instead of violent hate books
why not  asking all the questions needed for clearer understanding

eating soup is better
making good cologne for a musky man?
I must, it is my quest for a few years now..some things take a long time and i have all the time to make it good..

should I go on?
Yes I will..
Why not? why not ask why so much blood on doors and in the streets
who is this god you have created to speak for him in such a way?
messing with snakes?
messing with mind forces
messing with your sexual attractors
you are what you are..have that penis
have that vulva
love it and  treat it sacred

I am sorry about abortion and all the things you want to close forever..It cannot be..women must have freedom..
women are 100% always elevated when that right is granted..granted...granted.. we do it to ourselves..granted...
thank you sir...:)
Do your best, smile at me and be free from worry and pain, be free from wanting unattainable desires but hone in the the ones you do best and already have so much at this moment..all the things...
enjoy them
tend to them and touch each one..
now go and touch the ones you love and not in a creepy way but with a look and a kind word
that is what I mean..grace and poise in every breath making us all contented now
breathing in each other's scent in order to form a tight is invisible the wave of particles that smell a certain way..but real and we can take pictures of it..mmm do I believe now in science? I accept facts and love atoms more! God is an atom yo!

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