Friday, September 9, 2016

The Scorpionic Rock Star

I made this blend for a boy I had never met. He is some one who is well loved by someone who buys from me for years now. They stay my lovelies, they all stay..:)
He is a rock star and scopionic too. Wow!
Okay, I thought, sandalwood for sure, he is way sandalwood, classy and not too intense at first. You see him though. He is intense and you had better be in for a ride where there might be might, be some tears along with all that good stuff. Talented and really does not led the lime light although it is nice when people just flock to him or her. Are you scorpionic?
If so, be ready to take on more responsibility now because you are someone who has been around the block and seen the dirt for what it is dirt..and it can be cleaned. Of course it can.

I have here a nice little blend I made years ago and revived again for fall. It is limited and will be amazing on you.
Yes! $25.00 for 15 mls..You want sandalwood that is cheap? Forget it. It is not cheap and even that stuff from Australia they try to pass off as sandalwood is not cheap. Okay, I did have one, that was okay..just one so far. I have one from India right now, a really nice one  from Christopher and man it lingers beautifully. I love sandalwood and patchouli together. I love labdanum too with rose and I love the kind of frankincense that stays until night or morning..rawweeerrr..

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