Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mercury Retrograde do's and don'ts

do buy soap from  me :)
do try a butter cream on your bod
do not worry that there are not enough happy faces on your skin care, worry that it actually helps you..
Mercury retrograde is about pulling it all together and being just to your own heart

jealousy is a form of hate and hate my friends is a form of jealousy, why else  would you waste so much time carrying a grudge that is your fault in the first and last place??

Some one I love remarked on my (continual) will to proclaim my beliefs..which was an interesting question and it made me pause..
"my beliefs"

I am trying to get away from just believing something instead I want to make that happen.
I want to say that if it is a hoax which it is, I want to say it...I want to not yell and I want to ask questions which matter. This is why I love myself. I was always this way and now it is my best thing. I get sad and angry as much as anyone and confrontations are not my best thing. I cry if I am sad or impassioned about some thing important..yea..making soap, I sometimes cry..it is so magnificent to me and when I make something truly special I cry and I laugh, I sing songs because I have no enemies and I am a friend to all. I know that this batch of fat, is going to touch someone all over and make them feel really good. Really really good. They tell me. They say, "oh, I love that oatmeal honey soap you made!" I have so much more honey and wax that you are going to love the next batch of amazing handcrafted soap. it is what I am yearning for always.

There are many things that come back during a mercury retrograde..thoughts, people you think of  from the past and your heart aches so much less for it..as time passes. Maybe your heart is not the best option for making choices?
remember this ..you can  go back, but you cannot go back all the way. The trick is to always stay close and never turn away  by pretending you are turning away in order to gain revenge..a bigger form of hatred and punishment.
Mercury does create drama too..just tell the truth and so you do not have to remember what you said.
I say that only if you are a twat..otherwise the rest of us are cleaning our kitchen and making good food for our kin..
I tell my kids who I write for anyhow..I say, do your best, and just do something. Do not make up stories of why you aren't doing anything. You are waiting for your best thing while not filling your time with worthy work. I feel like Mercury is work. You must focus, boy!
Do not lie to me or tell me the whole truth ..no one is special and work is work..Humans are about working to survive!

Mercury is sadness and yet, I find this one so happy. I find that no matter what, all is well. I have my parents who are pretty amazing in their own Greek fixed and republican way..orthodox to the core..you ask why I proclaim things?
Yea, try being raised by a Franco style Greek dude who kicked your ass for even saying a fraction what I freely say now, today on this blog..He does not read what I wrote because my parents still have a regular phone and think the internet is a evil pit of porn..we are just now convincing them that no, you can see your friends in Australia, your brother in Greece.."ohh, look, our village", My mom cried..awe..They are right about the porn..it is not good yo, not healthy and I feel degrades us as humans..or is it just the women?

Our village! How quickly my parents have forgotten that we had an outside bathroom! My dad worries about his perfect lawn! lol
As I write this my dad walked in with cheese and fresh bread from the bakery and also some other Italian sandwich meat.."for everyone" ha hahaaa!

I love you and I know you will find your way. I have that in mind for you. Is it faith? No. It is a wish, it is an intention and it is a release of anxiety over your choices..
you cannot take back anything after you commit to it.
I am committing myself to a better role as a human.
Oh, if there is injustice, do not hink I cannot see it. I feel it, and I must say, the more I write in this here  diary, the more in tune I become with so much I wasn't seeing. It is like my brain pours out every thought..I know, You do not have o say every thought, believe me I have other thoughts which I have't yet written...lol

Do eat healthy foods
do not buy $400 of bone broth powder because now you are paleo..just sayin'
do not go so alkaline that you dry out..lol
do eat more greens for a natural low acidity
do eat real healthy organic pink lady apples
do not eat strange puntaine tho..no..make sure you know her but good and if she is still strange,  then it is good.

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