Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Thyrsus

It was a staff that the followers of Dionesius carried to distinguish themselves as hedonistic revelers..ha ha ha, high thinkers and being high from good fermentation.
Why do people need badges, lol? I think it is because we use those things as amulets like a reminder of our desires and making them real.
People have tried to analyse why the pine cone on top and why the fennel leaves?
They we in the woods in Greece and fennel grows wild. I do not think there is a deeper understanding of the pineal  gland by an ancients people, and then completely lost to science. Things get lost all the time..we should look for the future best ..we should.

 On the other hand I do agree that the vibration caused by sound can trigger the pineal gland..drumming for example and other rhythms..chanting and breathing deeply..
It is so frikin cool to ponder on for sure.

This Thyrsus tho..coolness and pine cones.
Fennel for clean mind and even if it was not known for that, it does  stimulate  certain clarity and reduction of blood pressure. After all, ancient times were rough and no showers or bathrooms, one just had to refresh themselves daily at the river. I would have brought soap.
The ivy is nice...representing some sort of growth and divine nature and how lovely flowers and grapes are.
We love it more. We do!
We love these ideas more than kneeling and worrying and making a car payment and driving on the king's road where his henchmen can fine you for anything they can.  (reality)

I wish more people were like fennel and like vines..we would all get along so much better.
Now get over here!

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