Monday, September 5, 2016

It is time for fall soap ideas

Justine Crane and this may be her best thing..she does so much complex work that I sometimes wait a while before I get to try some her creations. I read what she does and where her crazy mind is going now? Oh distilling things are we? I still have her kombu hydrosol in my cooler and it is rich and lovely so yea, bring the hydrosols so that we can enjoy loveliness and wonderment of flowers and fruit or miti hydrosol? Can we? Dirt of cocoa and vanilla pods...
She makes incense, traditional? As much as anyone can, yo. This last one is sticky and contains some sort of labdanum that I am not going to burn okay!
Here is what is happening with the Spikenard blend, yo..
I have spikenard
now elmi from justine along with the labdanum rose yumminess above!
I have frankincense
a little rose
I have also her kyphi which I will powder in the vita mix with all those resins she sent.
I will save some to burn too.:)
I forgot some others right now but it seems like I can go pine with spikenard and call it good. What is my thing with spikenard? I don't even love it, yesterday, I took a big whiff and slept like a horse! Or some relaxed and super chill animal.

I saw two spiders, one was small and one was big and fat.
I let them both be, I made a wish for the best thing because spiders bring luck
and money always comes, it is like you cast a spell and bamm, money..
I am silly like that and want my brain to figure that out someday.
I watched as they continued going where they were going with an intent
an intent they did not control consciously
something driving them both 
If I see that fat one in my car again, I might let her go in the yard, she is making a living somehow in my car.
I wonder where she was hiding when she came in there. I wonder what she ate?
I wonder about why she melts her insides so her offspring can feed and survive? I wonder how deft she must be to weave such intricate designs made to seduce or to surprise and capture..our attention :)

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