Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soapin During The Black Moon of September

The Black Moon Soap Stones

I have changed my mind plenty in my life. Astrology is something I love,  now transformed in to Meyers Briggs or some thing that we as students of Jung ( I say that loosely) have been working on for all of our lives.

I do not really study Meyers Briggs so we are good there..I like the idea that I can embrace and reflect some qualities of Libra.
 I like my Libra..then again??
No, I love my Libra and I love my Capricorn babe, and my Scorpio ladies, well, they know how much they mean to me! And my Cancer girls..listen, they are perfect to me, and my Aries challengers who I always know will be there and take care of things. I love them and they scare me, the Aries ones..ha ha ha
My daughter, my boss girl, my comrade in the office who I adore for her perfectionist qualities.. I would not change a thing about any of them. the Sag girl who I made cry because she realized the truth and then I cried..Sag has grown so much, it is not even funny, it is like , "wow"! My Taurus ladies and some of you I do not know your reflective me then!

The black means there are two new moons in a month and we can't see this one because its hidden, and this time it is September, Mabon and excitement for the season..the whole season of pre Samhain, and Post Samhain and pre Winter Solstice..
My favorite.
Everything to me is work and making things must be a spell. I love words, oils and their notes as if a song in my mind. I love songs about elephants and stars..twinkle twinkle..I love everything and I always me a Libran sap, then! is powerful and I love it!
The Moon is very important. We forget how important as we focus on the longer lasting planets, like Saturn..yea, well, he is big!
If the moon were not here to cause all this havoc we would rot probably and die from heat and ..
Just think, we are spinning, our moon is spinning and then they spin around the medium yellow star together..which that spins around a bigger thing and so on and so on..

Day two for rain and now it is pouring out there with thunder and flash flood warnings...winter is coming and I am excited.
Stay in and listen to my recipe...

Mabon Black Moon Soap Stones                                                                                                               Super Fine Glacial Silt Soap

Alaskan glacier mud
Mango butter
Organic coconut oil
Cold pressed olive oil


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