Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You can't hide from your own mind

Man oh man, that is the most true thing I have said in a long time. I am on a roll where only 4 hours of sleep is needed! Yea...I am like a crazy person cleaning in the middle of the night after just everyone here fell asleep.:)

So, my dirt will arrive today.:) I have been tracking it. ha ha

I will make soap and it will be amazing because I love the oils see?

I hope you have a good day today and forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
You don't have to yell or carry on about somethings which are small. Even if it is a bed /bad bug bugging you for not reason in your mind..ha hahahaaa
I think we should all enjoy these cozy fall mornings and not allow Godzilla to run a muck in our lovely hearts..yea!

I am wearing palo santo and frankincense today for protection from fear and other nasty little bugs that try to enter. I think they forget sometimes, that my gates are steel and I have swords!
Well for one thing, most people are babies and only care about themselves..don't we all though?
Who else is in there? I hope only you and you have a good  mind to change right now,  and not some tortured nonsense!
Just say you are sorry and move on. say it nice and say it with reverence because it counts more that way.

Or, you can carry on and try to justify your bad habits and never change..sure..that happens more than we all care to admit.
I think it is time to meditate and pack some orders because today, is mud day! Mud, dirt, rocks, ancient, beautiful earth, skin care and all the goodness therein.
I am so excited!

I will make a mask and a soap and of course a serum for the season, babies!

ta ta for now  my lovies!


  1. thanks for the reminder!
    how many times have i mindf***ed my own self? i catch it happening again. have to laugh at myself and carry on

  2. right..that is probably because we are both so smart. :)