Monday, September 19, 2016

it is us women who will hold it together every time

It is nice to see dads with their kids and no mom around. I mean the babies and not the obligatory three year old tagging along. It is nice and I will admit not completely natural to me.
I like it. I like it when a family works together and makes a home a happy place not some hurt feeling lingering from years of abuse. Yes, it can and it is abuse where your whole life can feel unworthy and hopeless.
It is not hopeless so get over your important tirades. You are small compared to what is real and available to you. I know being poor can be bad bad bad, no soap to wash your panties and all that, but listen, dig a ditch if you have to but do not wallow for days doing nothing but waiting for something to drop from the sky just because you now have hurt feelings,
grow up!

Abuse is something all together not talked about and believe me I have had my share to where even me, the most tolerant in all things love, even I, have my limits. I am not opposed to closing a door, I hate it but sometimes you need toxic bad people out of your life.

Forms of abuse is when you make your kid be vegan even though he wants meat.
You make your kid catholic, for his own good even though he doesn't buy the story anymore. You beat your daughter when she asks too many questions. Hurt your sons when they are too stubborn.
You make your family scared when you walk in the room instead of glad to see you. You make hard love to make up for your abuse. You make art sometimes to show that you are amazing and smart, You walk in angry every time about other's behaviors.
You hate drugs, (secretly take them) dark people of all dark shades, gays, and lesbians or any other form of sex you deem unworthy. You meditate and now you are good for that 20 minutes when your eyes are closed and you pretend some grand enlightenment or you pray for your neighbor and everyone else, because you pray hard.
You laugh at new ideas.
You beat your wife, your kids for not being good enough.

There's more, I am sure. But listen I am not here to always bring the wretched truth before our eyes, I am here because there is a way out of this prison. You must share your thoughts and not be afraid. You must open your mind to what is real and so frigging cool that you must accept that there is a bigger more changeable reality.

Take a moment now, as the full moon has shown this grand reflection from our mother bright and life giving..worship that because man, it is power. The kind that we are all available to. All of us..

I wish all this for this, all the goodness and happy family which makes for happy unafraid children and so it goes..

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