Thursday, September 8, 2016

my sources

after so many years you build a community with your vendors. You do. They get to know you, you get to know them. I have been with all of them that I currently buy from for years.
Eden Botanicals
Sunrose Aromatics
White Lotus

Whole Foods Market
Cantoros for olive oil
Hellenic market for olive oil

Excellent quality. period! There are random others I buy from. I like Ananda for this nice mandarin oil they always have! I wish I had loads more money to throw at all of them! LOL
No one has labdanum like Sunrose for me. I have all of them though. That is why oils move you beyond words..they are all different each year they have grown and each day afterwards.
I really have never had a bad oil from White Lotus. His personally made blends that he sends as a "gift", not so much..they sit because they are not me and freak me out a little bit.
I like real samples! Then again, he fills the bottles to the top. Do you notice that? That is big to me. See, there is value in that!
Eden is awesome, sends samples like Sunrose, and you get your stuff fast. I love a good business and that is what I am wanting for me. Clean, well received products!
I also love to talk to a person some days and not just on line..

I am just happy because many more oils are coming. I am excited about a new cedarwood soap with vetiver, you know, like deep and manly yet inviting for an earthy totally chill woman  woman..Vetiver and a good man just go together. Also a nice big bar of lavender in any powder room is classy and healthy. It is our way. Organic and smooth with a touch of green clay..the classic bitch..
the soap making bitch (can I?)
the whore
the slayer
the protector
the artist
the dancer
the scorpionic rockstar
I know it is mercury retrograde and we should all Virgo out..but it comes fast and then simmers down to good ol' basics..that is the rock star status part you must earn and can only earned it!

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