Sunday, September 25, 2016

survival in the zombie walking dead zone

"I did not want to kill him, people like that are going to die anyhow."
Rick TWD

It was about a guy that wanted to kill him and take back his community but he couldn't fight and he was a pussy..

I am thinking about the life again since it is morning and all and I haven't ranted at all lately..because I am busy making goodies for us because sales are good because you are good because we are good. For sure safe, yo, I love that, there are birds singing out there on a chilly brilliant Sunday morning!

I will say...

This was yesterday and this freeking chick who comes in all the time because she loves
she thinks she needs me..I am taking a big breath..
"I do all this stuff (yoga and some other thing I do not know) to be happy and you always seem so grounded"
I didn't mince words with her this time, I looked her in the eye, "maybe it is because I have suffered more than you could have ever imagined.."


"I woke this morning at 4:30, cleaned the kitchen, cut some soap which took me months to prepare, wrote about it, made bath oil, wrote, folded all the clothes, vacuumed the house and by 7:30 am, I was ready to do the next thing which is to rest before a big day."

"that is when I got up, to take care of my mother for two hours"

yes, I know she has responsibilities about her abusive old mother who has never been happy  a day in her life and her misery has logged itself on to this girl who is weighed down by the sheer ridiculousness and conflict it has made for her. Her old, sick growling miserable mother is every day.. and that is why she cannot wake up. She always looks dozy when I see her. it is like yes,
 I like you and no we can't hang out. I have no time to spare for trinkets and silly dream talk.
A friend is about helping and sharing, that is what we share with each other. Not to always somewhere to unload your fucking weight.
I know she needs  direction guys, I do, but I cannot save everyone.
They make me feel like, "really, that is what holds you back, because you didn't sleep enough last night?"
"what you have brain surgery that you are so crazy  upset that you did not get 8 hours?"
Get up and do something other that whine and drag yourself to the next place to not change at..
push it
push it
push it
push it up and forward but don't just stand there moaning..

yea..people always people..a guy gets killed because he wouldn't listen, and then everyone went berzerker and burned their neighborhoods and beat up a white guy going to his car to go home..fuking zombies. I would be scared being a police that is for sure my friends because with no books and all that crime, that is what is not about black and white, it is about humans and our race.
I feel like it is time to go to a mountain and make it hard for them to come up and see us survivors, the zombies are coming and they hate to work hard , they just want all your stuff.

"but what about god and meditation and prayer, won't that protect us?"

"Those things are for us and our minds so that we can be strong during crisis and have not one time halted any calamity on earth and there have been many as you may well know!"

" Meditate, be mindful, pray if you want to,  and still,  clean and learn and read and be a human who is in charge and stop crying, there will be more you need to get ready for and it is right around the corner!"

Get your stuff.
We're going on the mountain, our highest minds..
We're going to fortify and gain resources from what we've collected along the way..
We're going to be smart and work smart and build our fences from the zombie hoards..
Leave what is behind you now, it is time to move forward. You do not have time to carry guilt, or shame. That is stupid. Either you want to do good or you do not.
Excuses are what you want without all that nonsense.
You already do what you want.
You do it anyway, just admit it and we can go to the next thing..cut those imaginary string to your magic crane that does not care one whit about you.
Mindful does not mean confession or paying money for it. Mindful is when you know you are worthy right here right now!
Okay? Okay!

This is all of us, chillin and hanging out to plan our next brilliant idea,
 and then tomorrow more, there is always going to be more!

We might be saying things like,
 "wow, you really did an amazing job on that black soap, would you tell us what you did?"
"Yes, it went this way...I melted the rose wax, and rose oil and some smokey vetiver with charcoal and a little bit clay and let them relax and get to know each other in a hot water bath...then...

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