Monday, September 26, 2016

Glacial Silt

Glacial Silt

The fractal beauty of turbulent mixing is amazingly similar from place to place, whether in the gas envelope of Jupiter or the silt-laden glacier runoff in an Alaskan fjord. Swirling, mixing, settling, the fine particles drift out across icy fjords in Alaska, ground by glacial ice from solid rock high in the mountains to silt and clay, then carried slowly downhill to be dumped at sea. The heavier material unloaded by tidal glaciers -- boulders to gravel -- settles to the bottom of their ocean inlets (flords) almost immediately. The mud, however, may travel many miles, riding fresh meltwater currents beside and above the saltier and less murky seawater.
College Fjord AK (28 Aug 3) 

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