Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I love you and I love my life still on mercury retrograde ideas on the stars and my life all in one big ball of anastasia

I am tired though. It has been stifling hot and the season of Autumn is up on us. I slept (ha!!not!!) with the window open so that I could watch the moon each time I woke up. I have been cramping up like a foot ball sized thing is in my body going from one leg one day to the other foot another day. I know what Tonie will say and yes, I did take some homeopathic but I am not diligent and she knows that. She is my expert when I do not want to diagnose myself.
I love it when smart people teach me stuff.
What homeopathic should I take? I forget!
So many good things. I am exhausted from it some days.

I will say this, life is okay and I am well fed. I hope you are too. I hope that anxiety is not wrecking your day. I hope that you are grateful and easy to change your mind about your anger issues.
you past mistakes may creep up on you and your guilt must be dealt with.
Not guilty? Of course you are..that is is idea of sin you see? That fact that you are so random and that you can decide what you will do next and then bamm..there WILL be the next thing which challenges you..

you remember that each day is new
you work smart
you are fair
you do not have to be the judge
the boss
the silly twat
be all of those things and try to remember about forgiveness and compassion. I will!

On the other hand and speaking as a mom, don't lie to people you say you love. If you can't trust them with your black muck secrets which usually have to do with sex and money..well, you must let them be and walk away..they are not worthy of you if they cannot completely forgive or accept you! Period!! You do know that right? You do know that your thoughts and questions are just as important as any person ever born? Or just as un important..I do not know which some days!:)

I have learned that secrets are poison unless we are talking essential oils. One's secret hand at making a cake is not a secret so much as their hand at doing it.

This is why I make stuff. I want to make more, I am raging with ideas because Mercury retrograde is in my solar 12'th and in my natal 6th. It is all about health, digestion and cleaning up the spaces of dust and having clean work space and really working at the lower bowels of my job. The sixth house is work, service and how you care for someone. I can see areas of my job that will change and I can see areas that are mucky and require clean up. How exciting!
You know what a loved one said when they came over here the other day?
"wow, your house is so clean it sparkles!"
I said thank you..soap is all about clean is clean up all day. I actually started wearing gloves now when I wash soap stuff. Not when I make..I just can't.
Yes, indeed, a whole lot of clean up. I wish I had me a mate to help out and one to build me an oven and another to tile my work shop so that if I want to, I can hot water from ceiling to floor and then it all goes down the drain..I want that and I want an earth oven at every mercury retrograde since the beginning of time!
I want a bigger garden and I want 1000 sunflowers and I want grapes and figs and pears and apples and corn! Who doesn't like a good corn?

Soap Menu
I am making these...
Turmeric Neem with tee tree oil
Eucalyptus Peppermint organic
Mandarin Honey with grapefruit organic and beeswax
cedarwood anise with juniper and black spruce
spikenard with elemi frankincense and rose (rare and a one time thing)
Let us now think on the wondrous world of atoms and scent molecules and how we can enrich our lives some more..

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