Friday, September 30, 2016

Technology and Mercury Direct Black Moon's Ass

I ran out of ink..another one hour delay to go to the store and drive there and then come back..
I feel like I want to crawl in my cave and just talk to my girl about zombies and frankincense and then say I love you and make more stuff..deep breath now!
we are safe
I am sending all orders out today.
There many delays with this last Retrograde of Mercury so that I felt frazzled for about a day when things went forward. I ask this question..
"is life in the details or are we just always on automatic?"

The printer has always been an issue for me and shipping of course. It is more complicated than I care to care about. :)
Until I loose a bunch of money and have to put out more for a thing I invested so much time on..yes, it is business and one must remain elegant.

No matter how frustrating it is, you must always go back and re-align your self to what is the task at hand.

Yesh yesh yesh..always with tasks!

Have a wonderful day, yesh! Stay Calm and remember my birthday is almost here..Libra Rock Star??

Scorpionic Rock Star!

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