Friday, September 2, 2016

"you were bred for humanity" I am not gonna stop eating bread..

gluten free huh?

I will eat bread. Don't worry about it.
I see it all day. people are freaked out about grains, cereals, the breads, they want only organic where it becomes a raging religious riot of what we can not eat any more.
 Fuk off, I am a cook, we create flavors, gluten free my ass!
Did you know that new evidence shows that when people go gluten free, they also eliminate many other foods which leads to constant stomach upset because the tender mucus membrane is being disturbed and it leads to more sensitivity not less..? Interesting, to think about, for sure.

They, they do not genetically modify broccoli or kale. Are you kidding? Look, they already grow by themselves, they genetically modify big crops and it is bad, the chemicals they use for the final seed. I have ranted about it before, and it seems like people, everyday people, not us, well, they go a little crazy. We had this one guy that had to stand on a piece of two by four (wooden block, think Twin Peeks)) every time he stopped in the store. How about the fine ass lady who is only concerned about her own body and which broccoli is not GMO instead of helping her son for real. hey man, you tell me a two hour story about your life, I will judge a little. I am a Libran, it is what we do sort more about chemistry, things will make more sense.
Plus, corn would be an inch long if we did not breed plants to do stuff. I don't know man. I just like dirt and want all the comfort I can make for myself in the life. this one where I spread my tidings with gusto..
City folk is what it is!
They never saw a carrot grow and their feet hurt from high heels and ass in the air which is good for fucking, I :)
I am Macedonian Greek, we are more crude as we age..ha ha ha

I will eat good food
I will learn about my foods in a way that is balanced and smart
eat smart not blind
Hunger is a strange thing really

Eat smart not blind
this means look and listen
Is ginger genetically modified?
I think so or it is bred to grow big I am not sure and I sure won't freak out now and only eat organic. I wish I could. I make a garden and enjoy fresh tasting food, I love cooking and that is the first step to eating healthy in my daily life.
I do not know about others. It seems they watch that tv and buy everything that they can based on pictures, never mind that the polysorbate 80 is adding up. Each drop adds up in a year, you've consumed more that you share in ten lifetimes..I get it, it is a crazy thing which what is happening with food. The soap scum of an ingredient which is hidden as Magnesium stearate  or vegetable lubricant..well, how many things are you willing to swallow for your health is the question, I suppose.

What should we eat today?
Salad for sure
home made wheat ginger bread
soup with garlic and lentils

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