Monday, September 26, 2016

Soapin For The Future Me

You saw that I have an new interest in glacial silt which is kind of in between being a clay and ground rocks. It is loaded with ingredients that have developed and broken down through time, a long time ago and not the beginning..somewhere in between that! I bought some because we need it. It will be here this week and I am crazy excited for this, ground up rock business!
I will pair it with vetiver and frankincense to bring out all the stuff that needs a tune-ment :))
a tune, a song, a thought and man and woman, a crone...a tune-ment..and you do not have to atone for anyone or anyone's rules! Be who you are and set yourself free from baggage. Rely on your human decency and do wash with magnetic and healing soaps made by me..
The silt is made by huge giant glaciers that as they move, grind the stones in to flour almost and they become suspended in water and form a cloudy thick silt  which reflect different colors depending on where they are on Earth!

Ours will come from Alaska and has been harvested out of the Copper River..yes, that is what they call it.

This is one of many web sites one could go and learn from.

Now, the question is, "how do I want to scent again? 
Vetiver for inflamation!
Frankincense for sturdiness and strength and fire for fervent creativity!
Rose Geranium to soothe away all but a few grains of speculative notions to even better results than you were hoping for!!I am not talking just about soap, you know that!
Just a wee bit of lavender of course and beautiful!

How do you feel today? 
Soup made 
Brownies made and done!

I need a little sugar in the afternoon and am not ashamed, not one bit.

That on top is just a little dusting of raw cacao..:) 

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