Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rick and Daryl are my scorpionic rock stars TWD The Walking Dead Season Four Review and aspects of zombiehood

I real life Rick, Andrew Lincoln, is Virgo! Norman is a Capricorn and now, Negan, he is a Pisces man in real life..what is that guys name, Jeffrey?
I know some have already fallen for his pretty face, but I will always be with Rick and I do hope that Daryl  does not die, but if he does, I really will be sad and move on. I feel like Abraham has to die because he is just too happy and thinks that "now" his life is settled and he can think about a family.
He is a goner. Everyone else, we will see! Michone??
We can talk about her later. I feel like we missed some things by rushing to conclusions all the time in the fifth and sixth seasons.
And the all the social media on the whole thing felt rushed. That is why I super watch, nice and slow in the fall before the next season. Just finished season four!
Sad and very sadder. I came to really get bored with Tyrese this time. He is a weak human and how was he not paying attention when he got bit by a child when just days before he fought hoards bear handed? Sloppy writing a little bit? So as he dies and all the dead people giving him those creepy looks about how it is better now. His brain, lurching through his memories. I did like the artistic camera work and he did a good job dying.Sasha going through her thing on the road and the best part, Rick..always stopping to think about has tools and he still respected her. He knows crazy. He has been!
"what you did back there, anyone would have done that."
"no, not like that.."
That was the part when Rick bit that guys throat and then went for the other one who was going to rape his child.
What would you do?

Tell me TWD is not scorpionic. How it touches on all the things people go mad about, how we adjust, how we love, how we learn and what kind of friends we are.
Tell me how Rick is supposed to act. I read stuff about how dumb he is. He has made some dumb choices like killing people in their sleep.
Well, why wait for them to kill you or a loved one. Do you leave again and go on the road to a safer place, again when everywhere is over run?
You have a family. They keep on being a smaller one. One or two people we love are gonna die.
I hope it is Spencer! Stupid dummy. I hope he goes fast..

I also hope that you know that well, there is us and how we connect with each we support one another and how we do not let our resentments make us what we are, because, we know resentment makes you fat and ugly with bulging eyes and jealousy name brand yoga pants can fix that. I promise.

What Rick does from here on is interesting to me. He will of course, get his mind in order and that means action and amazing acting  by Andy, which is why Rick is scorpionic! He will earn what he keeps. He has and he will stop now and realize the extent of his challenge!
Look, they were on the road ready to kill Daryl Sasha and Abe and we are like, "no", don't kill those sleeping people, they are in the same boat..they are but they are on the sinking side and they don't know it yet.
It is an apocalypse, people are hungry, can't find a safe place to sleep and everyone wants to eat them. many will follow anyone who provides that. Why Negan, why go through so much man power to corner someone? Scared a little? I hope so because you and that other guy who was on the road talking about one's last day on earth, well, you  are about to get a big surprise!

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