Thursday, September 22, 2016

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You know how they say that your thoughts make you poor?
Yes, you do. You have heard this many times and it sounds good from a comfy couch with a nice tea in your hands. Or, when you are with a bunch of Buddhists or some sort of meditative group in Royal Oak Michigan pondering on the cosmic realm with long haired artists.

It is not always true and how condescending! You know, you sit with them and someone guides you and you breathe in and it is lovely and you feel good like yea, wealth is not real, none of it is real and then you find out that it is real, very real.

I am just saying.

Yesterday, a really zonked dozy as you would say, dozy, out of it, automatic, drugged up, not learning, zombie, zombified..  black boy..a poor black boy, poor Nicaraguan, poor Guatemalan..I have seen it all over..well, okay, a boy then,  came in and rammed in to a display with one of those riding carts that really  hurt people ride..
or like old know..
He rams in to my display thing with the lip balms and I scolded him.

"you cannot ride that in here", I said it softly, and he is like trying to make it work and I said, "back up and go the other way"
He went and took off in the isle way and rode in to the wine and crashed a bunch of beautiful smelling reds to the floor.."CRASH!!!"
I called the manager(as if he didn't hear that across the street even))

I am like why is he not in school?'
"Anastasia, he is a hobo and lives off of begging in the parking lot He does not go to school!"

I do hope the best for him but he must learn to do other things besides begging. I wish there is way for him without violence.
Being poor is not a choice and that sort of thinking does but perpetuate fantasies for people who already have a bathroom and electricity. One dollar to buy drugs to forget the misery or one dollar  to wash my face..hmm, let me see, I get to wash my face with a dollars worth of soap each day and would like a million for each of us tomorrow and tomorrow looks like today already somehow..:)to me. I drove my daughter to school, I used a warm bed comfy, warm and soft linen and flannel as the season permits.
I read all the books I can and listen to many books on audio. I love good food, real food, tasty and rich creamy foods..oh man, I really am amazing{{)))

I say this because these every day events become almost impossible for a poor person and his family. Mother may or may not read, father gone, house, dirty and and rats eating anywhere they can, dirty kids, no books, no language, no real food, no understanding of bills, math of any sort, or food that nourish and then top that all off with lead in the paint of every house you've lived in! Zombies, and they are are dangerous! Of course they are!

I was astounded when we lived in Costa Rica at how little I could live was still very hard. Rice and beans all day man..I remember living near that Christian lady who I could hear her shower, that is how close the houses were, and how they did not even have sewers..laundry all day and all that soap going down the mountain in to the ocean..that was considered a wealthier town..Pakera..I felt like it was poor. There were always drunk men or I guess drug addicts, but families stuck together to keep the kids relatively safe. Away from the bad behavior. They were mostly women. Sisters, mothers, daughters, grand kids all over the place and food being made all day..and yelling at the kids to "get back over here!"
It should still be that way. It is not always. reality is that the boy will probably never meditate his troubles away and that is not me being negative. No one will even worry about him, otherwise his mom would have kicked his ass a long time ago and she would have made him stay home and study a book. You do loose control after they are men and that is when they need to find a way, their own way.

"do you think that your genes control your mental state that you inherited from your parents?"
"yes, because of the recent studies in genetics and how the memory in cells is linked to characteristics of your ancestors,.."
"yes, but, that just goes for diseases and mental health not feelings."
"feelings are mental health and I think it is really the true way we carry all sorts of same qualities as our parents and their parents..look at how you are like me and your sister is more like my mom or that your brother is more like your dad..hopefully the good parts..:))He had good parts, that was the problem!
"ewe, mom!"
ha ha ha

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