Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Oils For The Season

It is the best time of year friends and I am off to a great start. Happy Fall Time!

I know it is Mercury retrograde, I bought oils anyhow. A lot of them because we are going to need everything. I bought a whore pound of frankincense, oh yes, I  did, pink grapefruit and mandarin and really good neroli (again)..the good stuff not that fuking cheap shit that  is petittgrain and sold as "neroli"..the fuks! At least it is better than passing off some poison as "leather"..Cedarwood,  my ass!
I don't care really. Not as much as I used to. My goodness, I can get crazy about what is correct in scenting.

 Look, synthetics are lie and I for one have learned (pretty much) that lies are poison. Be real and stop with the "I don't care's" and, "I hate patchouli", stop! NO! It is bad for your brain, see?
You have to look at and touch everything to review  what is right for you I, suppose. I just wish you wouldn't spray that fake shit all over the place. I am gonna grab you and tell you why and then give you a drop of rose to brighten your day for real.
Yea, I get pissed,, when my cousin Rhea come too close and she is a cloud of some kind of store bought poison she is enshrouded in. I gag every time and say nothing. I would if she were my daughter. Hell yea, I would.
Why would people be so resistant to what's better? Some kind of flaw in our evolution?

Rub some good cream, made by me and think about stuff, good stuff, sweet stuff, confident stuff and clean your butt stuff..ha!

Oh, I am making things, for real this year!! Real Time Lord, real freaking mandarin soap with mango butter because if I have mango butter, you get mango butter :)until we use it all up like fukin whores in control of what they want and immune to the worlds demands. I demand myself to be not afraid of being successful! Bammm! Easy.

There is is no mysticism in cosmetics. You either know what is good on your skin or your do not. If you like *polysorbate 80 on you, I feel bad because that is not no no, not good at all!
(*a very common ingredient that adds smoothness to alcohol and cheap fat and aloe, the fuks!)

I will make fall sets, of course because people love a cream with their soap. I wish I could have 66 gallons of hydrosols too but I am not about to distill things (yet?)
Can you imagine hydrosol in the water phase of every soap batch? OMG, I used to do that, like a pig!
Just goes to show you how wonderful aromatherapy is! You get to grow and grow and grow.
When I came back from Costa Rica after chasing that man for 7 years or so..I had to make something that was all me mixed with the all of what I learned..yes the old whore. because she always opens doors no matter where she sets up her place. She makes friends, she is a friend to all and has no enemies.she is safe and clean and proud of her day in every every she is proud of her day, she is wisdom in every way too because nothing is as perfect as an angel because an angel with wings is not real..a pterodactyl is real..ha ha ha ha

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