Friday, September 16, 2016

hi and hello full moon hello my lovely scorpionic rock stars

I just noticed and I want to tell you something. I think about you every day.

I have been busy with school, work stuff and soap making, Thank you Martha at The Well in NJ. I tell you, she has been buying soap from me since the beginning. It is really cool serving another artist woman and I will say this, the good ones you keep forever. It is just the way it is my kitties!
Scorpionic! I have Scorpio in my 11th and 12th houses together. My friends, my family, are are all deeply motivated and very creative, strong, smart, mindful!
I am all for the Scorpio man and I will tell you why. They don't want to, they will help you at three in the morning! You know that is more important than every day love notes.
What is your Scorpionic rock star way?
I like to obsess about a blend! I love right now my ideas of scorpionic vibes because fall is very sexy and sweet and wonderfully fat with riches. Others want to give us money. We will accept and be gracious and also proud to have earned such glory. Earned as it is a divine right to have all that we have yes, also many hopefully practical choices about our  survival at the most challenging deeply motivating events in our life journey.
Scorpio, this is your best time..Where is Scorpio in your cosmic chart? Please bare with me..bare not bear..:) Cosmic as in maybe a map of our own creation, that each cell in our body is because other cells have memories of past ancestors..that is the real reincarnation not some magical fairy land..we know our cells have a memory through enzymes and molecules is very cosmic! We know that our brain forms question that we can ask and ask more than ever before in our existence. It is cosmic..Words have power and ones power can be used to make art, fix things, build something wonderful.
I like to clean and clean and clean and then still there is the messy head, the dirty parts, my piles of clothing I cannot keep in order. That is only because I do not have all the right furniture. I just now bought a bed frame after all these years. Stubborn much? ( I have moved so many times that I think I have developed an aversion to lifting big dressers where ever I go. ))
Yea, Scorpionic! That was months ago and I am just now adjusting to the height and strange new firmness..I have always had a bed thing, I read in my clean bed, and sleep so so good, when I sleep that is..other things? why is it always sex with you! Close the door and be quiet, There are kids around :))

I am listening to Coming Clean by Morton Sellers
It is about Scientology and L Ron Hubbard's life..He wrote really good stuff and never one time lived it. He was diabolical, cunning, desperate for money and mean as all fuk, a tyrant where he would lock children in the bottom of his ship as punishment for being kids basically. If he got mad at anyone, he would throw them overboard in the middle of the sea! That is mean!
He took testosterone shots because sex was so important to him! He looks compelling enough..I say and his quotes are good. I talk to myself all the time like he did..not like that..he got kicked out or ran from everywhere so he bought a ship to live on and tried to live in Greece, they kicked him out, Morocco, nope, get out..ha ha ha..see, you can be a prophet and still be a dick!
It is the craziest bat shit stuff and yet written so well that I cannot stop. Listen, I do believe in the power of my mind to control many things that I do , that is why I can ask and say no to some things..mindful anyone? Yes, as my mind does automatically but grow me a limb and we will talk about your levels..excellent book!

We can talk soap later..I am making some dang amazing things..and if you want to you can check it out
at my etsy shop..
I want to tell you about  that mango butter I bought and how much I am still on the fence about its worth in my shop..I know, I had to try it and now I did..moving on..and back to shea butter soon. Not before I make a few more things with it.

Be happy and be rich
be content like a pie makin bitch like wolfie once said
be my lover and be my friend
be my wild gatherer of magnetically
fragrant things
grow me a song
plant me a word
make my mind flourish with zana dew on my leaves
my flowers open, yearning like creating  a potion
all the best and most satisfying reactions

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