Saturday, November 19, 2016

enormous feet


I have boys and one of them has size 16 shoes..ha ha ha
that is so funny..he is a big man anyhow. A wonderful ocd fakin good man. He washes his hands and he keeps himself clean. Sometimes I feel he dawdles, my sweet one..dawdles and carries on on the one thing that must happen and life is his own little bubble and he is happy. We all are. We are the happiest we have ever been, all of us. Yes people die. People get sick and get old and get mad..sure..sure..and they do go away, good..some have to go away to become what they are so that they can be at happiness with themselves. You need a safe secure home for all that to happen. there are rules to everything. I should say recipes you always have to tweak.

Another boy will sleep all day until he "really" needs money and then he goes and does "jobs"..I do not like a man sleeping in my house all day and have made myself clear more than one time. It sinks just have to always be clear on what you want and what needs to be said.

As a parent, I have hurt many feelings. I had to. I always told my daughter the dangers of being alone with boys and how quickly they can spread your legs and then it is over..
"mom, eweeee, you're gross!"
Sure sure, I am gross..he!

Being clear on what you want may be an art form and one must nurture those aspects of living day to day events. memories and fun and the perceptions of what it was have changed..we now know that our memories are like a photo that keeps changing and evolving based on our perceptions of reality today. I am not saying what one remembers is not true, it is just not the same.
Don't think that I am forgetting the pain of being burned by that hot soup or the pain of being burned by jealousy or back stabbing..we all have.
Move on, allow for time to forgive is nothing about you anyhow..when someone is evil and mean based on their authority, that is on them..

In the space of the short time that you are here, on earth, okay:_), you body's cells have continued to evolve, regenerate over and over and over. Even you brain has built all sorts of new areas of receptors based on what your true desires have asked for..asked or intended or steered..yea..sure sure

How much tv have you watched today, or facebook post have you had? I would say to my kids, and myself, don't fill your brain with other people's ideas and desires are, make your own..

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