Saturday, November 26, 2016

that was so comic book and your life might be

Mine is! My life, my family and my friends..I am still discovering my life, mostly!
I work with some pretty smart girls and I say girls because they are all younger than me. We all make mistakes. I am older and not wiser to the beauty of manipulating the masses as to make them buy their food and sundries in just the most enjoyable way. I do have to step aside often both  for customers and fresh young nuggets ready to climb the corporate ladder. "go on then, I think..:)
Listen, I love it to a certain point and when I see people buy 100 dollars dinners for their family because they forgot how to make stuffing, I pause. I know, they all have jelly bellies and watch too much telly and never read about anything real like atoms and words that make them think, they are at the doctor and then the hospital to visit a friend, they are many of them so sick. Sadly some read only books that agree with them and visit Facebook which only agrees with them in all sorts of pictures and now they come to Instagram and pour their poetic hearts out each time they break up. sigh
it doesn't matter was my point anyhow, if you've sort lost what I was

no wait, I remember my song!

Jelly Belly
jelly belly
you know you watch too much telly
eating and eating and worrying about the government
you simply want to loose yourself in the sedative entertainment
geared to hypnotize easily  allows your brain to retire
you forgot that it takes fire and you have to start the flame
what will you do
will you cry in your room about your lost loves and your lost money
who cares about you honey, don't you know about refrain and do what needs done and say to me words that are true so you do not have to remember and make up fantasy stories..
I am stepping aside whenever you need me to, so you can pass, don't worry, I love you and want the best things..glory, money, great sex and more money..
do it with class honey
say to me words that make me feel sunny
sing me a song
I want that
Remember to work out so your ass won't sag..too many of the masses  can look up in there..they want to so bad, it hormonal..and your tight pants!


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