Friday, November 25, 2016

a little Black Friday sale at my shop

I put a few things on special for today only. I hope you get to buy one or three bars of soap for winter. You like to exfoliate, I am here for you. We aim to please. I mean me and my royal inner self.. lol

I just read my last I do go on ad on:)
This is what happens when I learn stuff, I rant and become emotional in a way. Know this, in real life, ia m the same and my voice is to say in all honesty what new things I am learning yet..oh man, I am so excite.

Enjoy your day today and don't go crazy spending shit tons of money on stuff you think you must can do without a whole lot of stuff. a whole lot, and soap is not one of those things.
ps, I am about to go wash with some lavender soap  right now!

good smell
fresh skin
good thoughts for your day while hot water surrounds you
soft towel
delicious vanilla fat on your skin
mango butter and shea

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