Monday, November 21, 2016

things that hold you back

having to have something right now
having to be anxious about electronics
(I mean how do I know how to hook up a cody so I can watch the walking dead in there alone?)
I did that once..I bought a phone so I could text a man and then he wasn't interesting..ha ha ha..I liked that phone. He was so lovely at first too. With his strange arty ways.
I like an Aries boy. They are willing to do for you..they will pour everything in to giving and then when they don't get their way, oh could be as small as shoes in the wrong spot and they freak out..
fun fun weird people.
I wonder how and who raises these kids who go out and break things and get jobs where they do nothing but fuck up.
I find it interesting is all when I meet women who are only concerned with my hair color. It is time to grow it out, get over it. Why do I need that fake brown hair so I can look younger to appease some social system which despises the older generation.
By the way seniors, please do not eat when speaking to me close up. and no one else should either but it happens most with some really older ones. They love the crackers with the avocado dip. We make it fresh, it is good and they get a sample and then come right to me to talk about b12..ha hahahaaaa
you have to be nice.

I am busy until next year in retail so I hope to make not some amazing soap but that every batch and every oil and every grit I might have added touches your skin and makes you so frikin' happy that you fart!

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