Thursday, November 17, 2016

that lasted one season..where was the full moon in your chart, I was fourth house taurus..almost fifth..oohh la la

So then I wrote a couple of papers on what god should be and they had me read it to the congregation after church. My ears were ringing so I do not remember what drivel it was but I am sure I had developed some sort of interest enough for all the old men to have a little charming bru ha ha

Ever read your stuff out loud? Notice it is never what you think you wrote! That is for sure because I know when I read some things I wrote, it sucks..the feeling of illiteracy is grand and yet, I am  talking so you might as well get used to it. Dammit, I am taking communion on my period..I broke the rules. I walked behind the altar all the time. Women, are not allowed to this day!
I was like 16 or just..Jordan was 18 and he was always only interested in my soul more than my body seeing as that he attracted ten girls to one or two boys...he spoke gently and I always have liked that.
I think the Greek society stuff is coming back to me now, because I see my cousins and my ex cousins all the time. People and families like to stick together. There is nothing wrong with that unless they are criminals and break your All the boys I had crushes on are coming in to focus in to some sort of a dreamy "oh, yea.."
Seeing as that I am have Taurus Fourth house issues and it is so wonderfully, I will focus on cleaning up, letting go of old clothes, smelling good, art, flames, old flames, no flames but fun stuff as I head towards some amazing wonderful friendships.

Remember how some things are only meant to be happening for a short sweet while and you can not go back.

I am always tweaking my ideas about astrology, I love mythology and see no reason why I can't incorporate focus on fourth house issues as much as any one who cannot know ever know and only make up,  who says, "here, give me all your shit, no, here take the weapon I killed your people with, and now, hold it ,  you just break down and give me all your shit, I will kill you so bad you ..""
Oh Negan!

I hope you enjoy my rants, I love speaking to you in this way. It is my way of being in real time..or is it not even about time because we made up that word too??

my song of the day

you can't go back all the way
if you try you will cry at the decay
as time and space  move so swiftly
that sometimes you feel as if you are standing still
you are not
there will be rot
anger and chaos
in each day
rise above the fray
do not get stuck in some pretend pile of thoughts
that is how you rot like a zombie
barely understanding this moment because you get so stuck in yesterday's wonderment
you can try and still you can't go back all the way..
I say, move on, go forth, ponder new ideas, creativity flows..comfort easily easily had, clean floors baby and my feet and your feet easily go forward..
They are good, you get to have coffee
and beer and a sandwich and a nice it is to sleep in linens
soft smells of sandalwood wafting through your pillows
make a memory now
make it good anyhow
make it rich and rare and soft and fuzzy and smile at me as I smile at you now..and no, low brow.
I am smiling..
"oh you can't go back all the way, it is to cherish and rule this day, right now, to laugh and sing and be my fre,, lovie, my nerd butter belly booley..

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