Monday, November 7, 2016

happy voting for your team

"there she is, the traitor"
she was talking about me as was walking in her space and my decision to never vote for trump no matter what. He is a misogynist. Enough said!
"Yea I heard what you said about Muslims and why we can't keep them out!"
"do not put me in your circles, I hate both of them pretty much and I will never be on anyone's team if it means keeping the others out!" "that is called, "otherism" and it is real and worthy in cases when evil men roamed the earth and killed all the male children and took your virgins. We can relax now a days..except in Saudi Arabia and many other countries where people do not have a choice. There is no separation of church and state. Many want out of that prison that is why they leave.
There have been mass migrations since the beginning of life on Earth and this land was taken by white men, as well." Earth is not yours personally. Golly!"
"why? How can you say that, american values and what we were great again plus "They" are violent head cutters and have many babies and then they vote their religion in!"
"stop, we have separation of church and state and this is not England or Saudi Arabia, where they do not, read Thomas Paine.."
 Them, quiet now.. Me,
"I believe both sides for lack of a better word,  have good ideas and I will not join some fake ass team just to be on the "right" side.
"yeas but the Muslims!"
well, then, you have to keep the Jews (same bible basically) out, and the The Calvanists and the Mormons who believe in many wives because fuking men..dude, who believe in torture of others and then you put up ugly ass Fences to keep people in."
"stop, you are not getting my point!"

If Trump gets to be a leader of some dumb club I have nothing to do with, well, I will still need frankincense tomorrow. om to that, "om"

I will not follow anyone's creed of what is correct, I can think for myself and I know for sure that all who come here must change. My family changed and so will yours. Your mom may never uncover her head, but your daughters will. and here, you cannot kill them for it! In Germany, you cannot kill your daughter for it, Even in England, you can not kill her for removing her head covering and when she does, what will happen do you think? And if you threaten her with death and shame her, remember, you will die and she will live longer and she will not treat her daughters that way. She will change, you will die..your dad died and your mom died or will die..they all had to change for their time.
Will God smite her as he has done millions of times, put a sword or a rock in a mans hand to kill her?
No, because we have changed and evolved in to better humans because torture is a way that has never brought joy or happiness.
Yes, Muslim families come in to town and begin their lives here and maintain their customs.  To a point! You cannot wear sari in the operating room. If you want to work at a pool, nope? You will always stand out because in our free world here we don't get smitten. Nothing happens when you cheat on your wife and leave her. You don't have to make up stories how she is a whore because the law is the law. If Muslims want to have 7 kids and you think that is bad because they will vote in religion state? No way. Be glad because their kids will learn about the constitution and how it is not changeable on that matter.
"Separation of church and state! The best and most wonderful thing!!!"

Get your gods out of my face, even the ones you want you make in to gods! They are not, they are but a face on the telly, reminding you that you are easy to manipulate in to buying fuking perfume and the car and purse that goes with it.

now go and vote, I am having tea and a pancake..

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